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Welcome to ErencomTheMice website

Since its establishment in April, 1998, Erencom has witnessed the significant progress both in quantity

and quality in Korea's MICE industry. Twelve years ago, COEX was the only venue for an international conference or exhibition to be held, but now Korea has 12 big international convention centers.

Furthermore, nowadays cutting-edge media and wireless apparatuses are used based on advanced IT technologies and solutions.

I'm confiedent that ErencomTheMice has made great contributions in the development of the MICE industry,

while being a solid friend and partner of our clients. We have boldly introduced new equipment in advance than others, and studied and applied new IT solutions to better meet the needs of our clients.


Above all, we have heavily focused on advancing our technological services.

To hold a conference or exhibition successfully, the level of technology services has become all the more essential,

as high-tech equipments with new functions come out almost every day. In this regard, our company made training skilled workers and accumulating our own know-how a top priority.

And that's what we are going to do in the years to come.


I Strongly believe that the biggest asset Erencom the MICE has is its skilled workforce and unique experiences.

Also those assets will fuel further growth, and help us reach a brighter future and better satisfy our current and potential clients.


Thank you



History  [ 1996 - ongoing ]

1996. 02          Established Erencom

1998. 04          Introduced and provided computer rental services (opened an online shopping mall based on Chollian).

1998. 05          Started online marketing for the first time in the computer rental industry. (www.sjrental.co.kr)

1999. 10          Introduced automatic systems for online order and estimate.

2000. 06          Changed the company's name as Erencom with the success of raising fund from Pacific Ventures.

2000. 08          Designated as the first venture company in the computer rental industry by Korea's Small and Medium Business Administration.

                         (Designation Number 2000113411-1118)

2000. 09          Joined the Korea Event Association.

2000. 10          Opened the web site of comprehensive rental services for business(www.bizrent.co.kr).

                         Opened the web site of comprehensive rental services for international exhibition and conference.(www.excorent.co.kr)

2000. 12          Launched the Busan branch. (www.051rent.co.kr)

2001. 03          Launched System Department and Solution Department. (www.erencom.com)

2001. 10          Opened the web site to buy and sell used equipments. (www.secondpc.co.kr)

2001. 06          Offered rental services to a broadcasting company of the World Cup.

2003. 08          Rented office machines to the Universiad held in Daegu as the official rental supplier.

2004. 02          Rented office machines and communication equipments to ADB's general meeting held in Jeju Island.

2005. 03          Rented DB management equipment to the Ministry of Defense.

                         Designated as the official rental supplier in the registration sector,

                         and rented other office machines and media equipment to the International

                         Meeting of Government Reform.

2005. 05          Designated as the official RA partner of Microsoft.

                         Established a partnership with Dell.

2005. 11          Designated as the rental supplier of APEC and rented equipments to exhibitions of embassies.

                         Rented census equipments.

2006. 01          Established a partnership with Webjen and Korea Tax Accountant Association.

2006. 06          Certified by ISO9001 for the first time in the rental service industry.

2006. 09          Launched an operation of recycling and distribution.




- 2014 Gastech Korea


- 2014 BPW International Congress


- The 33rd International Congress of the ISBT


- ISOPE - 2014 Busan

- Seoul International Congress of Mathematicians 2014

- COP12/MOP7/MOP1 Pyeongchang Korea 2014

- International Telecommunication Unio Plenipotentiary    Conference 2014

- Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference

  on Housing & Urban Development

- Startup Nations Summit 2014

- 2014 Special ASEAN-ROK Ministerial Meeting on Forestry


- International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

- The 28th International Electric Vehicle Symposium

   and Exhibition


- World Conference of Science Journalists 2015


- International Society for Dermatologic Surgery


- The 6th International Wildland Fire Conference


- APLA 2015 Annual Regional Conference


- 2015 International Design Congress


- OECD Ministerial Meeting 2015, World Science

   and Technology Forum


- The Sixth Trilateral Summit Meeting


- Asia Culture Forum


- LG G5 Day ( Registration system for On-site )


- Korea International MICE Congress 2016

- The 4th International Congress

   on Magnetic Resonance Imaging

- The 14th International Congress on Space Ops 2016

- The 13th International Congress

   of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

- The 7th Asia-Europe Culture Minister's Meeting

- Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education

   and Social Development 2016

- 20th International Vacuum Congress

- 30th Congress of the International Council

   of the Aeronautical Sciences

- The 36th FISITA World Automotive Congress