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Welcome to e-Rencom website

Since its establishment in April, 1998, Erencom has witnessed the significant progress both in quantity

and quality in Korea's MICE industry. Twelve years ago, COEX was the only venue for an international conference or exhibition to be held, but now Korea has 12 big international convention centers.

Furthermore, nowadays cutting-edge media and wireless apparatuses are used based on advanced IT technologies and solutions.

I'm confiedent that Erencom has made great contributions in the development of the MICE industry,

while being a solid friend and partner of our clients. We have boldly introduced new equipment in advance than others, and studied and applied new IT solutions to better meet the needs of our clients.


Above all, we have heavily focused on advancing our technological services.

To hold a conference or exhibition successfully, the level of technology services has become all the more essential,

as high-tech equipments with new functions come out almost every day. In this regard, our company made training skilled workers and accumulating our own know-how a top priority.

And that's what we are going to do in the years to come.


I Strongly believe that the biggest asset Erencom has is its skilled workforce and unique experiences.

Also those assets will fuel further growth, and help us reach a brighter future and better satisfy our current and potential clients.


Thank you


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